Cafe Pyrus Tempeh Burger and Benwich

Cafe Pyrus Tempeh Burger and Benwich

Tempeh — tian bei — is an Indonesian invention that takes dehulled soybeans that have been fermented with a special mold to produce a nutritious pressed cake that is very versatile. It has a yeasty, mushroom-like and nutty flavour when you slice it and fry it.

It’s perfect for a meatless Monday.

The creation is not a new one: it has been around for a long time, with the term itself having been used in the 1800s; evidence exists that the tempeh-making process likely goes back to the 13th century as well.

Cafe Pyrus Benwich with tempeh and avocado (Photo: WREats).

Cafe Pyrus Benwich with tempeh and avocado (Photo: WREats).

One of Kitchener’s premiere vegetarian restaurants, Cafe Pyrus on Charles Street, uses tempeh — Henry’s Tempeh of Kitchener, in fact — quite often, including for their “Benwich” and “The Burger:” they spice up the latter well and pop it into an organic Kaiser bun with organic Romaine, tomato, avocado, spinach, red onion, mustard, ketchup and roasted garlic aioli and some aged organic Cheddar, if you like (all that for $12).

You can see my quick previous review of Pyrus here.

[ Photo: Wikimedia Commons ]

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