Cabbage Rolls at the Kitchener Market

Cabbage Rolls at the Kitchener Market

German farmers as long ago as 1750 were making sauerkraut and cabbage rolls in Nova Scotia. They made so much — and so good — that the area in and around Tancook Island became known as the “Sauerkraut Capital of Canada.”

Our Germanic-based pioneers here in Waterloo Region might take exception to that claim, noted by Anita Stewart in her great book Canada: The Food, The Recipes, The Stories, because we make a lot of pretty good sauerkraut right here too.

As just one recent example, I tried a cabbage roll lunch with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (you might see Oma making the rolls on site, in fact) at Simply Delicious ($8), upstairs at the Kitchener Market. The cabbage was nicely sour and tangy and had good cabbage taste with some body and texture in the leaf and with a rice and meat filling was rich but not too heavy.

The Danciu family, who have been running Simply Delicious since this past spring, are Romanian, and they give the eastern European cooking some of their family’s secret ingredients. Give them a try sometime!

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