Brandade at Public Kitchen & Bar

Brandade at Public Kitchen & Bar

The popular Public Kitchen & Bar in Kitchener’s Bridgeport neighbourhood serves crostini of salt cod brandade with shaved Manchego cheese and pickled shrimp banderilla. The cod is rich in flavour — and history.

Canada is still one of the world’s top producers of cod. The fish is reconstituted and de-salted through hours and days of soaking in many changes of water, and Public has reconstituted the dish on their menu very nicely indeed.

Brandade de morue is perhaps best known as a Provençal paste or puree made by pounding poached cod and mixing it with olive oil, milk or cream, garlic and perhaps, in some preparations, potato.

In its traditional and classic preparation, brandade is served with croûtes and garnished with black truffles.

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