Bosanski Burek of Kitchener

Bosanski Burek of Kitchener

Here’s a delicious dish and a bit of a mystery too.

The burek is a Turkish and Middle Eastern and East European pastry — often eaten as a snack from a street vendor — that contains vegetables, potatoes, cheese and meat, either together or separately. There is a school of thought that the burek pastry was first used during the early Ottoman Empire in 1500 CE Istanbul, from whence it moved across Europe (and became pastries such as Hungarian retes and Austria strudel and many others).

Also spelled borek, it can be of a consistency like phyllo or puff pastry. They can be eaten hot or room temperature.

The example pictured here was purchased at Ammar Halal Meats on Lancaster Avenue, Kitchener. It is made by Bosanski Burek of Kitchener — but that is all I can find about them. You can also purchase burek — they are delivered regularly and you can often find them still warm — at Italo Foods on River Road, Kitchener.

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