Bannock at Miijidaa

Bannock at Miijidaa

Among the several dishes that Miijidaa Cafe + Bistro, Guelph, prepares that pay homage to first Canadians and the early explorers of Canada is bannock. The restaurant, relatively newly located on Quebec Street, bakes an herbed bannock served with house-made butter.

The flat, round and unleavened bread is likely tied to northern England and Scotland for its origins, but it has a distinctly Canadian grounding in that it is a specialty of many indigenous peoples throughout North America. The Inuvialuit of the western Canadian Arctic call it muqpauraq.

Originally a heavy loaf, probably made with barley or oatmeal dough, the word bannock has been used since 1000 AD, but defining its exact origin is diffcult. Some research contends that indigenous North Americans were preparing bannock-like breads before explorers landed on these shores.

For more information on bannock, visit Food Day Canada. To take an inside peak of Miijidaa, check out the video.

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