Baba Ghanoush at Arabesque

Baba Ghanoush at Arabesque

It can have variant spellings, but the dish is always delicious in just about any form: baba ghanoush.

A vegetarian creation of the Levant, baba ghanoush is usually cooked eggplant to which is added tomatoes, onions and a variety of seasonings such as mint or tahini; it’s all held together with scrumptious olive oil. It can be of Syrian, Armenian, Egyptian, Turkish, Israeli or Jordanian origins and other Middle Eastern countries.

Fire-roasting the eggplant offers the dish a tantalizing smokiness. It can be a thick and creamy or a bit looser in construction.

Salads and meals made daily (Photo: WREats).

Middle eastern cousins (Photo: WREats).

As for the name — which is so fun to say — baba ghanoush, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a playful variation of words that translate to terms of endearment and something like “father” or “daddy” for baba and gannuj which can approximate “pampered.” The myth is that a mushy dish of food was prepared for a toothless papa.

As far as Kitchener’s Arabesque Family Restaurant is concerned, baba ghanoush is made with roasted eggplant, red and green peppers, parsley and tomatoes mixed with lemon and garlic. It is then topped with pomegranate sauce ($6. 49 | $10.99).

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