A Very Vibrant Piece of Chicken

A Very Vibrant Piece of Chicken

When you eat a real piece of chicken, you will notice the difference from your (very) basic grocery store mass-produced chicken: the real chicken is tastier, rich- and deep-flavoured and offers a better texture.

I recently took a whole Vibrant Farms chicken from Melissa Baer, broke it down into the eight pieces, marinated it in good olive oil, some lemon juice and fresh rosemary and grilled it low and slow.

It was delicious and was mostly devoured in a single sitting.

Happy chickens: free range and free will (Photo: Zac Jolliffe).

Happy chickens at Vibrant Farms (Photo: Zac Jolliffe).

There are other examples from other area farms, such as Keystone Farm in Cambridge, Vibrant Farms chicken is non-GMO grain-feed with no corn. They add no medications, no antibiotics and no hormones. And the result is delicious.

It’s also limited quantities: they can only sell 300 birds, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Check the website for an order form for Vibrant products that are available at vendors around Waterloo Region.


Located in Baden, Ont. (Photo: WREats).

Located in Baden, Ont. (Photo: WREats).

Regardless of where you source it, try a real chicken like Vibrant Farms’ chicken sometime. They are perhaps a little more expensive, but they are free-run birds and humanely raised. They will, I’m sure, certainly make an impact your conscience —¬† and your taste buds.

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