A New Sharp My Knife Franchise For Waterloo Region

A New Sharp My Knife Franchise For Waterloo Region

The mobile sharpening service, Sharp My Knife Inc., has opened its newest franchise in Waterloo Region. The company, founded in 2010 by Andrew Hutchinson, offers on-demand, on-site sharpening for commercial and residential clients. They pride themselves on making professional sharpening services convenient and accessible.

New franchise owner Jeff Lishman is looking forward to getting things sharpened.

“This business is the perfect blend of two of my passions: cooking and sales. After years of searching for a convenient way to have my knives sharpened without having to be without them, this business model is a fantastic retooling of the guy-in-a-van-ringing-a-bell that we all remember from growing up.”

Lishman signed on as Sharp My Knife’s first franchisee in 2015 and has been servicing commercial and residential clients from the tri cities and as far west as London. The best part is knowing that clients don’t have to part with their precious and often sentimental knives. “Other services require that you drop knives off for a period of time or, at the very least, you must drive to a location to receive sharpening,” says Lishman. “Where our service shines is that I provide the sharpening at your location – home or business – and minutes later you are working with the knives again.”

For a minimum fee, Sharp My Knife will sharpen just about anything from kitchen knives to lawn mowers to scissors to straight razors. Items are sharpened by hand or machine or both depending on the severity of damage or the type of metal. Preferred pricing is available for those who book scheduled repeat sharpening (largely for commercial clients) and there’s even the option of a Sharp Party where, like with other home parties, the host invites guests to bring their dull blades and then saves on their own sharpening.

“Dull blades are more likely than sharp ones to slip and cause cuts,” says Lishman. “And onions are less likely to make you cry if your knife is sharp.” Sharp My Knife also makes regular appearances at culinary events and farmers markets where those who really care about cooking know that having a sharp blade is both a pleasure and a safety issue. They also sell Wusthof and Canadian-made Grohmann knives at below retail prices, so if you’d like to upgrade your gear while they sharpen your stalwarts, that’s an option too.

For more information, or to book an appointment or Sharp Party, please call 90-699-3693, or email info@sharpmyknife.com.

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  1. Bobbie at 10:56 am

    My name is Bobbie. I am looking at sharpening some paper cutters at my school.
    It is located at 70 Vanier Drive

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