300 stores selling craft beer by April 2018

300 stores selling craft beer by April 2018

The Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB), the association of small, independent craft brewers in Ontario, is applauding the Ontario government’s continued support of local craft beer in grocery stores, making it available at 95 additional locations by April 2018.

This expansion means that over 300 stores will soon sell local craft beer right across Ontario, building on the current network of 210 stores. These additional stores will increase the availability and visibility of local craft beer, improve access, and choice for consumers, and help local craft brewers create more jobs, further improve productivity, and build stronger communities.

“Making local craft beer available in 95 more grocery stores is great news for local craft beer. OCB applauds the Wynne government for its continued support of Ontario’s local craft beer industry by increasing the choice and access to our outstanding product,” said Scott Simmons, President of OCB. “Ontario’s local craft beer is some of the best in the world, made by people with passion, and a commitment to beer and to their communities. Beer in grocery stores has made it more accessible to people and having over 300 grocery stores carrying our products by next year is another great step in moving the local craft beer industry forward.”

Simmons noted that the OCB membership has grown to almost 90 breweries across the province over the past 14 years. Today, craft breweries directly employ over 1,500 Ontarians with good, local jobs in breweries in over 110 communities – along with thousands of additional indirect jobs in manufacturing, packaging, construction and the agricultural sector – thanks in part to the commitment the Wynne government has made to our industry.

“Local craft beer in grocery stores has been successful and we commend the government for continuing to expand this program as a key part of the continued growth of the OCB and the craft beer industry in Ontario,” concluded
Simmons. “The OCB is on a mission to make Ontario into a centre of excellence for craft brewing in North America and having beer in over 300 grocery stores by next year helps ensure the craft beer industry in Ontario continues to create jobs, build stronger communities and help local craft beer and this province succeed.”

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